Chemical, Paper and Pulp Industry

Chemical Industry: Whether you are dealing with abrasive, aggressive, highly viscous, toxic, hot liquids, flammable or shear- sensitive materials, Netzsch is able to provide you complete solutions. Our products used in Acetone, Alum, Alumina Slurry, Barium Carbonate Slurry, Benzene & Polymer, Boric Acid Solution, Plutonium Oxide, Poly Phosphoric Acid, Sodium Bisulfate, Sodium Peroxide, Terephthalic Acid, Zinc Oxide, Zinc Slurry, Zinc and Nickel Hydrates transfer applications.

Paint, Varnish & Ink Industry:
Netzsch has the organizational setup and expertise to offer a reliable Pumping Solution for Acrylic Solution, Pigment Slurry, Varnishes, Resins, Latex, Pigmented Paints, Oil Paste, Printing Color, Lacquer, Solvents and Paint Premix Transferring Applications.

Cosmetics Industry:
Netzsch pumps are highly suitable for Creams, Shampoo, Heavy Liquid Emulsion, Lotion Concentrate, Selenium Liquid, Liquid Make Up.

Fertilizers Industry: Netzsch offers a wide range of pumps for applications in Activated Sludge, Alum Feed, Carbon Slurry Transfer, De-watered Sludge, De-watered Cakes, Digested Sludge, Flocculent Transfer, Oily Sludge, Chemical Dosing, Drainage and other Transfer Applications.

Textile Industry:
Netzsch Pumps typical conveying sewage sludge, fixing agents, bleaching agents, colourants, printing colours, flocculants, impregnating agents, latex PTA and PVC pastes. Dye Stuff Industry: Netzsch offers Energy efficient pumps for Adhesives, Filling Materials, Pigments, Additives, Solvents, Fabric Coating, Epoxy, Dispersed Dye Stuff Applications.

Ceramic Industry:
Netzsch pumps are specifically designed for Ceramic Industry to address the applications of Clay Coatings, Ceramic Slurry transfer, Filter Press Suspension, Glaze, Heavy Clay, Iron Oxide Slip, Kaolin, Porcelain, Slaked Lime, Sulphited Spent Lye, Bentonite Slurry & Color Paste.

Toiletries Industry:
Netzsch offers standard and customised solutions for Tooth Paste, Shampoo, Creams, Hand Lotion, Soap Solution & Acids.

Man Made Fibers Industry:
Our portfolio offers solutions to Ammonium Nitrate Slurry, Ammonium Nitrate Solution, Gassing Solution, Emulsion Matrix with Prills, Explosives Emulsion, Wax and Fuel Oil Applications. Paper Industry: Our portfolio offers solutions and designed to accommodate numerous challenges encountered in Paper Industry. Our pumps can transfer Medium consistency pulp, High consistency pulp, Stock ,Calcium carbonate, Titanium dioxide, Resin, Calcium Stearate, Plastic Pigment, Clay Slurry, Starch slurry, Cooked starch, Sulphate/sulphite pulp, Rags/ couched paper, Alum, Colour, Latex, Melanin, Glues & Paste, Black liquor, Cellulose Acetate and it is used in kitchen coating application. Explosive Industry: Netzsch pumps are well suited to handle various types of mediums in Explosive Industries such as ammonium nitrate slurry, ammonium nitrate solution, gassing solution, emulsion matrix with prills, explosives emulsion, wax and fuel oil. Mining Industry: Our screw pumps and rotary lobe pumps are capable to handle all types of abrasive or aggressive medium in Mining Industries such as coal water mixtures, clay & mineral slurries, high pressure wash, dirty water, rock dust slurry, cement grout/ grout mix, explosive mix transfer & filling and mortar with fine.

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